Public Safety Products/Services

Mobile Video Patroller







  • High quality video images
  • Windows® 7 OS
  • Flexible viewing/storage options
  • Automatic Trigger Points
  • 60 min pre and post-event recording
  • 2 high-res, IR cameras
  • 2 audio transmitters
  • User-friendly software
  • 60GB Solid-State Drive
  • Easily integrate GPS and RADAR
  • Wireless downloading available
  • 1- year warranty standard


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   MVP Audio


Audio Transmitter



  • 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum operation provides excellent audio quality and range
  • Use 2 microphones simultaneously, per receiver
  • Internal microphone, no wired mic required
  • Operates up to 1000’ from base
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 12 hour in-use time and 20 days standby
  • Vehicle mounted charger
  • Heavy duty belt clip securely holds microphone to belt or uniform
  • Vibrate function for increased stealth
  • Internal mic attaches to receiver for in-car audio recording
  • 1 year warranty




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MVP Audio


Radar Certification



  • RADAR certification for RADAR detectors on all X, K and KA bands
  • Quick and painless onsite certification in the Chicagoland area
  • $35 for each RADAR unit completed, includes dual systems
  • Can be done through mail, simply pay shipping and handling
  • Depending on local law, certifications last from 6 months to two years


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Mobile Interoperability



  • Interconnect multiple radios from any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800 MHz, iDEN phones, and VOIP
  • Top mount display provides a quick indication of current interoperability cross-connections and illustrates the status of connected devices(COR, PTT, signal, and network link).
  • Simple, intuitive interface used for diagnostics, programming and feature control.
  • Optional network connectivity that can be controlled via WAIS Controller Software.
  • Can be installed in a vehicle, in a rack, or in a Pelican case with quick disconnect cables.
  • Versatile, portable, and affordable.


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What are KCI's customers saying?

Lake Zurich, IL Police

"In-Car Video recording is an important part of our traffic enforcement program. The Lake Zurich Police Department has been using KCI in-car video systems for 10 years. The latest KCI in car video recorder which utilizes Modularis software is a more flexible system with a number of improved features from the previous versions. We have come to rely on the KCI video recorders and are confident that this system will last many years."

- Police Chief Finlon
Combes, TX Police

"KCI has proven to our department that digital video systems are a key tool in the future of law enforcement. Through KCI's continuing support, they have kept us ahead of the curve with their advanced technology and personal customer service."

- Police Chief Parker


Tower Lakes, IL Police

"KCI's MVP system has been a hit with our whole department. It's failsafe and very easy to operate. If we ever have a question or issue, KCI is always available and willing to work with us."

- Police Chief Sinacore


Rosepine, LA Police

"Compared to our past systems, the MVP blows them away. It's extremely compact and durable and easy to capture and transfer data. The KCI staff is very knowledgeable about their products and technology and great to work with too!"

- Police Chief Parrott


Vernon Hills, IL Police

“MVP allows us to leverage our existing capital investments in hardware and provides us with a much more sophisticated, robust, and elegant solution to our video capture needs.”

- Police Chief Fleischhauer