Raytheon/JPS Interoperability System

ACU-M Interoperability Device


ACU-M Details

Interoperability is all about incident preparedness, situation management, and system reliability. But when you are in the field, in a crisis, what you care most about is speed and simplicity. The answer is the ACU-M. A miniature version of our powerhouse ACU-1000, the versatile ACU-M is feature rich, simple to use and can be networked and managed remotely.

JPS' ACU-M, a miniature interoperability device built on the proven ACU technology, has an intuitive control panel for operation, field diagnostics and programming. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the ACU-M is easily deployed and affordably priced, making it ideal for mission-critical interoperability. It provides interoperability between its four audio ports (for radios or other devices), two voice over internet protocol (VoIP) channels and a headset port. With its comprehensive suite of digital signal processing (DSP) functions, the ACU-M offers significantly higher functionality than any of its competitive counterparts at a price that fits any budget. Due to its DSP functionality, the ACU-M can competently interconnect radios in any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800 MHz and Nextel iDEN phones. An Ethernet port provides access to a network for the VoIP channels and is also used for remote control and feature and firmware upgrades.

Its intuitive interface enables sure operation and provides field diagnostics and programming capabilities. The ACU-M incorporates the features of our proven ACU technology into a smaller package ideal for mission critical deployment. With its comprehensive suite of DSP functions, the ACU-M offers significantly higher functionality than any of its competitive counterparts at a price that fits any budget. The audio devices interfaced to the ACU-M can be interconnected in any combination - from three independent nets, to a single net with all users connected together. The new design offers maximum portability to meet the demands of establishing command and control in various field applications. Small enough to be easily transported and robust enough to compliment any communications

Networked ACU-M The ACU-M can be electronically upgraded to enable network connectivity and control. This feature-rich capability allows the ACU-M to be easily controlled anywhere on a network and in a variety of field applications. The network connectivity allows multiple ACU devices to be linked by an IP network and managed with the Wide Area Interoperability System (WAIS) Controller software, the system's graphical user interface. Operators stationed at control points can easily monitor communications and form or disband multiple user talk groups anywhere on the system.


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System Highlights

1) Top mount display provides a quick indication of current interoperability cross connections and illustrates the status of connected devices (COR, PTT, signal, and network link).

ACU-M back
2) Simple, intuitive interface used for diagnostics, programming and feature control.

3) Optional network connectivity that can be controlled via WAIS Controller Software.

4) Can be installed in a vehicle, in a rack, or in a Pelican case.
ACU-M in Car
5) Versatile, portable, and affordable.
6) System can be upgraded through the Ethernet port.