Mobile Surveillance - Video/Audio Capture Systems

Mobile Video Patroller™

Police In-Car Video System + Mobile PC, All-in-One

Front View of MVPThe MVP- Mobile Video Patroller™ is a state-of-the-art DVR and mobile PC combo designed to fulfill every need of a law enforcement or public safety official. Ingeniously, the MVP combines high resolution video recording along with high quality audio tracks and transfers the recordings directly to a 30, 60, 120, or 250GB solid-state drive (SSD) enclosed in the unit. Video files can be uploaded by the administrator via a wireless network (or manually) to virtually any storage media. With the help of infrared technology, The MVP’s zero lux cameras capture vivid images in all nighttime situations. The industry’s best digital remote audio transmitter will capture audio tracks over 1000 feet away from the patrol vehicle. The Mobile Video Patroller runs on a Windows® 7 Operating System, allowing police departments to run CAD, RMS, and other programs simultaneously with the DVR. MVP mobile software, as well as the MVP repository (server) software, are built on a 100% Microsoft .NET architecture, allowing MVP to be customizable, adaptable, and hardware independent.


3 Channel Drive Recorder with GPS and 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor

Front View of X-DrivenThe Smart Black Box line of drive recorder offer commercial and private vehicle operators an effective risk reducing means to aid in the investigation process, decrease collateral damages associated with car accidents, monitor and report driving behaviors, and enhance the overall safety on the road and inside the vehicle. SBX-3100, a 3 channel drive recorder, records high resolution video footage, from up to 3 cameras, directly to a removable SD card (up to 32GB). An internal G-Sensor activates recording upon a pre-determined amount of force applied to the vehicle. The SBX-3100 can also record continuous from the moment the unit is powered until shutdown. Video and audio output allow drivers to view live video from inside the vehicle (i.e. rear backup camera) and also record external audio from a wireless transmitter (i.e. police pursuit). GPS allows SBX records the vehicle speed, time/date, and location (latitude/longitude) for post-crash analysis, providing concrete evidence for clarifying responsibility. SBX also provides an easy user interface to extract the data from the unit and transfer to a computer. Excellent analysis software installed on your PC makes it effortless to view and save video files to your PC (built-in AVI conversion) as well as provide organized and printable driving reports.

MVP 2.4 GHZ Audio Transmitter System

Front View of TransmitterThis state of the art audio transmitter and receiver package is the most reliable team on the road today. Its tiny footprint and digital spread spectrum technology are a radical departure from the frequency dependent systems of the past. KCI uses a 2.4GHZ Digital audio system. Custom designed for public safety, it employs one of the smallest transmitters available at just over 2 inches in length. The MVP transmitter can also be configured to work simultaneously with a second transmitter so an officer and his patrol partner can both record their audio, without interference.


Other Services

Radar Certification

RadarKCI now performs on-site and remote radar certifications. For only $35 for on-site certifications and $35 + shipping and handling for remote certifications, the price is unbeatable. KCI's Vocar equipment is N.I.S.T certified and can certify all X, K and KA-bands. With a total certification time of 15 minutes or less there is little time or money needed to ensure radar equipment meets standards.


InteroperabilityThe ACU-M is a mobile interoperability device. The ACU-M provides interoperability between multiple devices of almost any bandwidth, it is compatible with virtually any radio and can ven be interfaced with VOIP networks. A headset is used by an operator on site to monitor the transmissions. The device has an intuitive control panel for operation, field diagnostics and programming. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the ACU-M is easily deployed and affordably priced. The ACU-M provides interoperability between its four audio ports (for radios or other devices), two voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) channels and a headset port.