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About KCI Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1994

For more than a decade, KCI has provided communications systems for law enforcement agencies around the world. KCI Communications, Inc. was one the of the first Radius® Dealers for Motorola and currently employs four former Motorolans from their corporate headquarters in Schaumburg, IL (including founder and CEO, Stan Kozlowski). KCI has become a leader and pioneer in wireless communications equipment and mobile DVR technology and was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a mobile digital video recording solution, back in 1998. KCI was also the first company to introduce a Windows-based DVR solution and currently has the only 100% Microsoft .NET solution for public safety and the only mobile DVR that runs on Windows 7 OS.

Complete Systems and Proven Products

Aside from the Mobile Video Patroller, KCI offers several mobile DVR systems for other markets such as taxi, fleet, driver education, public safety, bus, paratransit, recreational, and consumer. Our complete line of products and services include: mobile surveillance systems, mobile computing solutions, interoperability solutions, two-way radio equipment, systems integration, custom software development, installation and repair. All of your system needs will be met with KCI’s complete approach to system design, implementation and integration.

KCI has also designed and manufactured the most reliable 2.4GHz wireless microphone in the industry. Private labeled and distributed by Bosch/Telex, the PB24 is currently being used by hundreds of police departments, in numerous system solutions, across the country.

KCI also introduced the Duo Digital Pen Tablet. KCI is the U.S. distributor of this revolutionary product which converts your existing LCD screen into a touch-screen with full tablet functionality. KCI successfully revealed this new innovation at the 2010 international CES show in Las Vegas.

Next Generation Software

KCI’s Mobile Video Patroller™ digital video recording capture system stands on the shoulders of earlier KCI successes and offers everything needed to capture evidence simply and effectively. Law enforcement personnel can focus on their job and know that their evidence gathering system is performing the way it should.  Fully customizable, hardware independent, expandable, and easily upgradable, the MVP is more of an investment than it is an expense.

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Superior Service

Reliable service and dependable products are the cornerstones of KCI’s philosophy. Ensuring high quality system performance starts with design and continues through operation and maintenance. Unlike large corporations that are difficult to maintain contact with, KCI sustains a close relationship with all of its customers. KCI will continue to assist you with your growing system and maintenance requirements after implementation and will listen to your unique needs to ensure the continued effectiveness and customization of your system.

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MVP Testimonial

Lake Zurich Chief of Police, Pat Finlon


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KCI Communications, Inc.
1050 Ensell Road, Suite 100
Lake Zurich, IL 60047


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Combes, TX Police

"KCI has proven to our department that digital video systems are a key tool in the future of law enforcement. Through KCI's continuing support, they have kept us ahead of the curve with their advanced technology and personal customer service."

- Police Chief Parker


Tower Lakes, IL Police

"KCI's MVP system has been a hit with our whole department. It's failsafe and very easy to operate. If we ever have a question or issue, KCI is always available and willing to work with us."

- Police Chief Sinacore


Rosepine, LA Police

"Compared to our past systems, the MVP blows them away. It's extremely compact and durable and easy to capture and transfer data. The KCI staff is very knowledgeable about their products and technology and great to work with too!"

- Police Chief Parrott


Vernon Hills, IL Police

“MVP allows us to leverage our existing capital investments in hardware and provides us with a much more sophisticated, robust, and elegant solution to our video capture needs.”

- Police Chief Fleischhauer

“Modularis and hardware partner KCI Communications have partnered to create and deliver the Mobile Video Platform (MVP), a highly flexible and connected in-vehicle video solution that delivers capabilities far beyond that of a simple DVR. MVP integrates with in-vehicle systems such as Lights, Sirens, Brakes, Radar and LIDAR, GPS, as well as Mobile CAD and Records systems. The MVP hardware runs Windows 7 Enterprise, while the MVP software is built entirely in .NET and leverages Windows Azure to provide a secure and cost-effective solution for archiving and disseminating digital video evidence and related data.”

Patrick Weikle, Senior Architect Evangelist

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